Grassfed Beef Prices

We sell our beef by the whole, half, quarter, or piece. The more you buy the more savings you get.

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Whole Beef

Half Beef

Quarter Beef

We harvest our beef after the spring lush (June/July) and fall growing season (October/November). We have found this is the best time of the year to harvest grass-fed animals. During the summer cattle loose their appetite and in the winter the grass is dormant.

Purchasing process: Once your deposit has been received, your beef will be reserved until harvest time. Approximately a month prior to harvest date a cut list will be sent for you to fill out. We use H&R Custom Slaughterhouse in Crossville where you can choose your cuts of meat such as thickness of steaks, pounds of roast... Once the cattle has been taken to the abattoir it will hang for approximately two weeks before they cut the meat according to your specifications. On the scheduled date of pick up (Which we find out when the cattle are dropped off at the abattoir) you pick up your meat up at H&R and pay them directly for the slaughter fee. You also need to send a check to Shady Grove Farm for the price of the beef by the pick up date. Total price is known the day after the cattle is dropped off once the hanging weight is found out.

Please contact us and we'll let you know when we plan to butcher next. *Prices subject to change.

Frequently asked questions:

Beef cut form

How much of each cut will I receive if I order in bulk?

Multiply by 2 for a whole beef and divide by 2 for quarter beef. Please understand that this is approximately what you receive. These portions may be greater for larger cows and less for smaller cows.  The shape of a cow also is a factor when it comes to the amounts.

What size freezer will I need?

What is hanging/dressed weight? 

Hanging and dressed weight is the weight of a carcass without the hide, head, hooves, and innards.  The actual take home weight is the hanging/dressed weight after the bone and fat has been removed. Example - 1200 pound steer yields 500 pounds of retail cuts from a 750 pound dressed/hanging carcass.