Broiler Chickens

Baby chicks

Our broiler chickens are raised as naturally as possible allowing them fresh air and sunshine plus green grass and bugs for food supplement. The purchased feed consists of natural grains and Fertrell Organic Poultry Nutri-Balancer for vitamins and minerals. When the chicks arrive they are watered one by one then placed in a warm environment for a healthy start. As soon as weather permits (often as soon as 10 days old) they are transferred outside to the portable shelters where the shelters are moved daily to fresh pasture. The chickens are processed at a small USDA facility where we are able to watch the entire process ensuring food safety.

Young broiler chickens in pasture

We sell our chickens whole or by the piece. Please contact us for availability and pricing. Our chickens sell quickly so we encourage you to place an order at least 10 weeks in advance. (We do not raise chickens in the winter since the green grass and bugs are not available for food and the outdoor temperature is not conducive for productive growth.)