Devon Cows

Devon cows grazing

In the summer of 2008, Shady Grove Farm purchased our Devon herd and we began phasing out of our Angus herd. We started off with nine cows and one Devon bull (son of Bill Roberts' "Bud" and grandson of Rotokawa 667). We conducted our own blind taste test comparing our Angus beef with another producers Devon beef. We found the taste to be very similar but the difference in the tenderness really stood out to us. We were confident that we had made the right decision to change from Angus to Devon.

Our first winter during the transition, the grass efficiency of the Devons really made itself evident. The Devons maintained their body condition while nursing their calves, and at the same time, the Angus they were standing alongside were showing their ribs.

Devon cows with children

They are a moderate framed animal that is easy fleshing. Their calves grow rapidly on the mother's rich milk that is high in butterfat. We have found them to be easy to handle and very docile. This docility helps in more than one way. First, the family is not scared to be around them and second, low stress has been found to contribute to quality tasting meat. Contact us for information about the Devon breed and availability of seed stock.